STOKR is a marketplace for digital shares. On STOKR, innovative small and medium ventures can raise capital from both professional and everyday investors, by issuing tokenised digital shares (security tokens). Ventures can present their business transparently and compellingly to a community of educated investors. Here, investors can search and learn about different ventures, related industries, opportunities, and risks. The investors are empowered to manage investment decisions with tools, for example, rate of return and diversification tools. Each venture issues its security tokens of STOKR, which represent a percentage of their future profits or future revenue. We have developed a unique Ethereum-based smart contract framework for issuance of securities token (STOKR Framework) as per the EU securities laws. Additionally, the ventures will receive a complete set of tools for cap-table management, corporate governance, communication, and analysis of investment performance. Just like the blockchain we’re built and founded on principles of inclusivity and accessibility, clear and unambiguous processes, fairness, balance and impartiality. Our mission is to create a world where everyone is empowered to fuel innovative ventures.




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