Festival Replay - 25th November


Missed A Session?

At this year's digital edition of FinTech Abu Dhabi, there was more content than ever before. If you missed a session, don't worry as we have collated all the recordings from 25th November below for you to watch at your leisure. If you're looking for content from 26th November, please click here.

Main Stage Future Stage Forum Stage

Watch The Content From All Three Stages

Main Stage

Opening Ceremony - Chairman's Keynote

Governor’s Opening Keynote

Think Bigger: Inside the U.A.E Mission to Mars

Global Tech Investing, in the Next Decade

How To Build-A-Bank in 1,500 Days

Akoin, and a Sustainable Tomorrow

Investing in a Green Built Environment

How is AI Changing our Financial World?

Innovating Against Crisis

An Unstoppable Riptide: The Rapidly Shifting Payments Landscape

A Message From The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry

 The Promise and Potential of Financial Tech & Innovation in Bridging Israel and the Middle East

Inside Wall Street: Meet Tech’s Biggest Stock Exchange

The Future of Finance is Open

Banking 2020: Evolving at Speed

Standard Chartered Bank’s Transformation

Introducing the ADGM Digital Lab

ADGM Academy MOU Signing

Welcome to the Innovation Challenge Demo Day

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank: Problem Statement - MarketIQ for Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Etihad Credit Insurance: Problem Statement - modefinance for Etihad Credit Insurance

First Abu Dhabi Bank and Uqudo: Enhancing the digital onboarding journey

Innovation Challenge - Finverity for Abu Dhabi Global Market

Innovation Challenge Demo Day: Closing Remarks

Watch The Content From All Three Stages

Future Stage

Government FinTech Forum: Welcome Remarks from Abu Dhabi Global Market

Government FinTech Forum: Governor’s Welcome Keynote

Government FinTech Forum: Digital Finance as a Means to Advance Inclusion and Sustainability

Government FinTech Forum: How Tokenisation and Digitisation of Payment Instruments can Address the Pain Points of Cross-Border Payments

Government FinTech Forum: The U.A.E.’s Digital Transformation

Government FinTech Forum: The Era of Sustainability, and a Green Financial Future

Government FinTech Forum: The Digitalisation Agenda of the UAE Banking Sector

Government FinTech Forum: Digital Assets - The Regulatory Approach

The Regulator's Role in Financial Innovation

Government FinTech Forum: Supervisory Technology – Benefits, Challenges and Key Enablers

Government FinTech Forum: The Promise and Potential of Financial Tech & Innovation in Bridging Israel and the Middle East


 Plug & Play Expo: Opening Remarks by Plug and Play


Plug & Play Expo: Startup Pitching And Q&A Part 1

Plug & Play Expo: The future of digital on-boarding for banks

Plug & Play Expo: Startup Pitching and Q&A, Part II

Plug & Play Expo: Closing Remarks

Introducing the ADGM Digital Lab

ADGM Digital Lab: FinTech Adoption - the Good, the Bad and the Reality

ADGM Digital Lab: A deep-dive

ADGM Digital Lab: Co-Sandboxing with Central Bank of the UAE

Watch The Content From All Three Stages

Forum Stage

The FinTech100 Showcase

The FinTech100 Showcase - Security, Risk, Compliance & Insurance

The FinTech100 Showcase - Personal Finance Services

The FinTech100 Showcase - The All-Stars’, Part I

Collaborating with Israel’s First Digital-Only Bank

The Next Era of Open Banking

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: Credit & Lending’s Trillion Dollar Digital Future

The Next Generation of Consumer Retail and FinTech

Start, Scale, Exist and Beyond: The Payfort Journey

The Greatest Financial Innovations in History

We Need More Women in FinTech

How Can We Build a Safer Financial System for All?

The Final Frontier: Why Space Missions Matter to our Economies

Meet the Disruptors

The Next Generation Of Consumer Retail

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