Festival Replay - 26th November


Missed A Session?

 At this year's digital edition of FinTech Abu Dhabi, there was more content than ever before. If you missed a session, don't worry as we have collated the  recordings from 26th November below for you to watch at your leisure. You can view all sessions from all three stages.

Main Stage  Forum Stage Future Stage

Watch Content From All Three Stages

Main Stage

Inside Wall Street: JP Morgan’s Approach to Digital

Digital Banking in the Middle East: Building Mission Critical Systems

Deploying AI & Blockchain To Fight Fraud

The X Factor - Why People, Teams and Culture are the Key to Growth

Abu Dhabi: Building a World-Class Financial and Tech Centre

Beyond the Great Wall: A Look Inside China’s FinTech Revolution

Rapid Response: Lessons in Leadership and Startup Success

Innovating Against Crisis

An Investor’s Guide to Startup Success

The Alternative Future of Money: The Next Decade of a Roller-Coaster Journey

The Social DNA of FinTech Megatrends

How a AED 1bn Social Campaign Gave Birth to a FinTech

How we’re Innovating Payments for Billions of Users

Inclusive Innovation – The Future of Money and Payments

Inclusive Innovation – The Future of Money and Payments

A New Bridge to Innovation - Israel and the U.A.E.

Watch Content From All Three Stages

Forum Stage

FinTech100 Showcase - Sustainability Champion’s

FinTech100 Showcase - Investing & Wealth Services

FinTech100 Showcase - BaaS & SaaS

FinTech100 Showcase - The All-Stars’ - Part II

Re-imagining Your Finance Department

Bridging the Gap Between the Unbanked and Financial Technology

Inside the Central Bank of the U.A.E.s FinTech Office

Regulating FinTech for a Better Future

The Regulators Role in Financial Innovation

Playing the Game - Welcome to Razer FinTech

A Look At The Future Of Money Transfer

Investor Forum - Secrets of Spotting Winning Startups in the Middle East

Investor Forum - GGV Capital: A Midas Touch

Investor Forum - Mubadala: Investing for Abu Dhabi

Investor Forum - 500 Startups: 2,400+ Investments, and Counting

Investor Forum: Softbank Vision Fund: Resiliance and risk taking in the face of Covid19

Investor Forum: Emirates Angels: Growing local ideas

ADGM Digital Lab: Co-Sandboxing With UAE Central Bank

Watch Content From All Three Stages

Future Stage

FinTech100 Showcase - Payments & Transfer Services

One Connect Workshop: Disruptive innovation in Digital Banking, presentation

One Connect Workshop: Q&A

Mambu Workshop: Becoming a Digital Attacker: How traditional banks can embrace disruption and compete in a fast-changing landscape

Mambu Workshop: Q&A

Radar Payments Workshop: Q&A

Youth Circle: Welcome Remarks

Youth Circle: Speech from the U.A.E. Space Agency

Youth Circle: Speech from Hub71

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