Innovation Challenge: Problem Statements


Problem Statements

The much-anticipated return of the Innovation Challenge sees a new set of FinTech problem statements that focuses on solutions to promote financing for SMEs. These challenges represent those faced by financial institutions, corporates and consumers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the wider Middle East, Africa & South Asia (MEASA) region. The Innovation Challenge 2020 seeks to address real challenges, championed by corporates.

See below for the Problem Statements for 2020 and click here for the Terms and Conditions of Entering.

Problem Statements

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Problem Statement 1

How might we use artificial intelligence, machine learning and other related innovative technologies
When assessing applications for financing from SMEs and other customers
So that we can improve the bank’s credit decisions and reduce instances of default?

Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank

Problem Statement 2

How might we utilise public register information held by the ADGM Registration Authority and made accessible via API
When onboarding and making lending decisions in respect of SMEs registered in ADGM
So that we can streamline the bank’s due diligence processes for these customers?

Etihad Credit Insurance

Problem Statement 3

How might we better identify and assess events and other dynamic factors which impact the probability of default risk and the overall risk monitoring process
Of international companies that import goods from UAE small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as domestic companies
So that we can monitor changes to the risks that ECI underwrites when insuring UAE SMEs against the default of payment of their international trade partners over the  short, medium and long term?

First Abu Dhabi Bank

Problem Statement 4

How might we enable completely digital customer journey from onboarding to transactions, and minimize:
- face to face and physical clients’ interaction,
- onboarding time
- risk of fraud, money laundering and sanctions
Without compromising on the convenience and security
keeping in compliance with the governing regulatory requirements and international best practices
- keeping the personal relationship nature of banking
So that we we could securely migrate our customers to mobile and internet banking channels and efficiently serve them remotely. 

Financial Services Regulatory Authority

Problem Statement 5

How might we leverage new technology and innovative techniques to analyse large sets of transactional data between banks and other financial institutions
In order to more effectively identify patterns of money flows which are indicative of money laundering, terrorist financing, or other financial crime

Financial Services Regulatory Authority

Problem Statement 6

How might we use innovative solutions to enable the creation and validation of financial information, robust future cash flow predictions and sustainable business model strategies
For small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
So that we can help build trusted and transparent credit profiles that provide the banks and other financiers a greater level of confidence of their credit-worthiness?


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