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Plug and Play ADGM hosted their first virtual Fintech Expo, celebrating eight local and international startups who participated in Plug and Play ADGM’s accelerator programme throughout 2020.

The event featured a panel discussion focusing on 'The Future Of Digital On-Boarding For Banks In The UAE' with a range of public and private stakeholders discussing how Abu Dhabi and the wider UAE ecosystem could better bring FinTech solutions to market.

This event provided attendees with the perfect opportunity to network virtually and hear first-hand from leading startup founders as they demonstrated the capabilities and impact they provide to address the challenges faced by financial institutions amid the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

Hosted by FinTech Abu Dhabi's Accelerator Partner

Hosted by Plug and Play - Abu Dhabi Global Market

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 Startup Pitches Part I


 The Future Of Digital On-Boarding For Banks In The UAE


 Startup Pitches Part II


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