Atyab Tahir

Atyab Tahir

Head of Digital, Habib Bank
Atyab heads HBL’s digital initiatives and is helping a 77-year old bank become future-proof and legacy-free. He believes that banks are evolving to become tech companies that enable ubiquitous access to financial services. In a world where fintech players are perceived as a threat to banks, he propagates the idea of collaboration and partnerships. Atyab has helped position HBL as a partner of choice for startups and his team works with incubators, accelerators and VCs to facilitate the startup ecosystem in Pakistan. HBL is Pakistan’s largest private bank with international presence in the UAE, Middle East, Asia and Europe. 11 milion people have placed their trust in HBL, out of which 1.1 million have already adopted HBL Digital as their bank of choice.   

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