Frank Meehan

Frank Meehan

Co-founder & CEO, SparkLabs

Co-Founder and Partner at SparkLabs Global Ventures - www.sparklabsglobal.com and Partner and SparkLabs Accelerator Group - www.sparklabs.co.kr. SparkLabs Global Ventures is a global seed stage fund which has 63 investments in companies based in US, Asia, Europe and Israel. SparkLabs Accelerator Group is the leading accelerator group across Asia, in Korea, China, HK.

Co-Founder and CEO at SmartUp.io, the micro-learning knowledge platform for a smartphone generation - used by startups, business schools and corporates. Check us out at www.smartup.io

Previously represented Horizons Ventures HK on the boards of Spotify, Siri (prior to the acquisition by Apple in 2010), Summly, Affectiva, Ginger, DoubleTwist, Bitcasa, Fixmo, Desti and many others.

Founded and led INQ Mobile from 2008 - 2011. Won Best Handset award with "INQ1" at MWC 2009 Barcelona. The team also pioneered a lot of early integration between internet and mobile communications when we developed the "3 Skypephone" with Skype, iSkoot and Qualcomm, released back in 2007.


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