Omeed Mehrinfar

Omeed Mehrinfar

Managing Partner & Board Member, Plug and Play

Omeed is currently a Board Member of Plug and Play's (PNP) activities in Europe, as well as Managing Partner of Plug and Play's activities in the Middle-East (headquartered in Abu Dhabi Global Market); overseeing teams, key corporate clients and startup accelerator operations for PNP across multiple geographies and industries.

Apart from acting as centralized open-innovation platforms for large enterprises, these offices also act as sourcing hubs for evaluating further investment opportunities to expand PNP's existing portfolio as the most active venture capital in the world.

Omeed started his career being a co-founder of one of PNP’s largest divisions (FinTech) in California (August 2014), with a partner list today spanning over 50 of the world's largest financial institutions; and with operations across 11 of PNP's 32 offices internationally. Since having joined in 2014, PNP has grown from a team of 25, to nearly 600 professionals internationally (as of 2019).


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